Shelter Cove Road

The State of Alaska and the Forest Service have agreed upon Alternative 1 for the Shelter Cove road.  The agreement grants a reciprocal easement for the end of Revilla Road, near Harriet Hunt Lake, that will end at Shelter Cove in Carroll Inlet.

Citizens in Ketchikan have asked for additional roads for recreational, hunting and subsistence use and this road is in response to that need.  The last portion of the road has already been built from Carroll Inlet, heading towards Harriet Hunt Lake.  The original proposal was for a one lane road with pullouts.

However, the road will pass through fragile, fragmented ecosystems such as the Naha Reserve and a clump of designated Old Growth Reserve.  Road access to these areas will bring added pressure to wildlife.  Road building creates erosion that affects the surrounding landscape and can affect fish spawning areas.

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