Saddle Lakes timber sale on Revilla Island

Revilla Island is facing another massive timber sale in the area between George and Carroll Inlets. The Forest Service proposed 6 Alternatives; the selected alternative dropped areas with lower timber volume, developing a plan to log 46.9 mmbf (millions of board feet), the 3rd highest in volume.

Although the Ketchikan Daily News, October 8, 2015, reported the sale “may support between 186 and 224 annual jobs”, those numbers are questionable.  Up to 50% of logs are shipped overseas as round log export, so the Alaskan job market is excluded. (Are they counting overseas jobs that enable workers to utilize our phenomenal timber, and ship finished products back to the US?.)  Since the timber industry is a shadow of its former self, who is promoting this continued cutting of timber?

A road system that will connect Shelter Cove to the Ketchikan road system is included in this project. Although the upkeep of roads is extremely expensive, it would have been possible to build this road without extensive logging of nearby areas.  Additionally, many salmon spawn in the creeks that will be impacted by erosion from logging roads.

        It appears the Forest Service is pushing timber sales such as Big Thorne, the Navy and Wrangell Island sales, and Saddle Lakes.  Mitkof  was withdrawn but will be re-offered at twice its present boundary.  Transition out of old-growth cannot come quickly enough; the few areas with old growth are being hacked away at an alarming rate.

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