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Ketchikan:Traitors Cove: The Forest Service issues it's Record of Decision for a timber sale at Traitors Cove, and misrepresents statements by Alaska Department of Fish & Game within regarding road density. Listen here for the report.

Alaska:Polar: High amounts of sunlight have caused the polar ice cap to melt faster than usual. In fact, there is less polar ice now than ever before on record. Could we lose the summer icecap by 2030? Read this disturbing article.

Alaska:Stevens: The plot thickens. Seems with each passing day Alaska's senior Senator finds himself under more scrutiny. Read here about millions of dollars in contracts, VECO (and oil services company), Bill Allen (the convicted CEO of VECO), and our very own Senator Stevens.

Ketchikan:Gravina: Two Fights. One Cause. Gravina. Here are a couple of photos related to the two projects on Gravina that trouble residents of Ketchikan and the State of Alaska. For more images and to learn how you can help, visit our Gravina page.

Clearcuts along the illegal and unpermitted Bostwick Road are claiming big trees like this one.

Poor erosion controls are on display here, near the Gravina Highway construction site.

United States:Congress: Congressperson Nancy Pelosi is asking a question about Global Warming at Yahoo, wondering aloud what new legislation on the subject should look like. Please, share your voice, and we encourage you to go for the gusto. Our opinion: hybrid cars and light bulbs aren't enough. Monumental change is necessary to stem the tide of Global Warming. You can also check out all of Yahoo's green pages here -

Check back in a couple of weeks to see TCS' first paper on Global Warming, and how Southeast Alaska is affected.

Ketchikan:Gravina: Our Letters and Commentary on the Gravina page have been updated through the month of April. The Governor still has not chosen to act on the boondoggle Gravina Highway project flat out rejected by 71% of voters throughout the state of Alaska. Visit the Gravina page to learn where to send your letter. Encourage Sarah Palin to cancel the contract now.

NEWS: Gravina Highway Poll Results Show 71% Opposed to Gravina Access Highway

Check out our Gravina page for the latest info on the Gravina Access Highway and how you can help.

Rest in Peace:
Jim Elkins - While we did not always agree, his door was always open.
Kurt Vonnegut - A talented satirist, he captured the mind and soul of this reader at a young age.
RIchard Kauffman - We remember you again, good sir. Thanks for your contributions to our community..

Ketchikan:Ferries: In this well written piece about the Southern Gateway Shuttle, Mike Round speaks of the measurable benefits the service would provide between Ketchikan and the expanding port at Prince Rupert. Local government is still behind the curve on this one. TCS isn't. And neither is Mr. Round.

This is what the State calls Best Management Practices
Erosion Control along the Bostwick Road, Gravina.

(notice the overburden and standing water all around this area associated with an unpermitted pit)

Overburden at one of 6 illegal and unpermitted pits on Bostwick Road - Gravina

(rock pit lies to the back right in this photo; debris is strewn onto wetlands)

Ketchikan:Gravina: It appears pressure on the agencies involved with the Bostwick road is working. Here is a letter to the editor regarding the Bostwick road posted in the Juneau Empire. This letter - which has already been refuted by our writings and research as posted on this site and on Sitnews (Gravina Documentation Response and Laws Associated with Bostwick Road and Pits) as well as by Army Corps of Engineers staff - was penned by Martha Freeman with the Department of Natural Resources. We address her faulty response in another upcoming piece set to be published in the same paper. Enjoy the read, and if you have any questions about it, please let us know by email. And keep up the letter writing! It's clear that this public backtracking by the agency means they are paying attention to the points we are collectively trying to make. Good work!

Juneau:Mining: Surprise, surprise. A federal appeals court states its intention to rule in support of the Clean Water Act and against the Army Corps of Engineers regarding its permit issuance for dumping mining tailings into Lower Slate Lake. This is associated with the Kensington Gold Mine. These questions remain: Will Couer Alaska get a clue and design a mine disposal method that does not undermine water quality? Will the Army Corps of Engineers wake up and recognize that pressure from the Bush Administration to change the spirit of the Clean Water Act won't work in our great state? Will the Army Corps of Engineers brass begin to listen to staff who do have a clue about projects like this one as well as the lack of permitting on Gravina? Place your bets at the Cyber Cafe.

I have no idea how to classify this: Terrorist Bananas

National:Coal: Prominent Democrats continue to cozy up to the coal industry. And why wouldn't they? Their campaigns are flush with coal money. Barack Obama, presidential candidate, isn't the only high profile Dem worth his weight in coal.

Alaska:Ferry System: Dennis Hardy has been appointed to be the commissioner of the Alaska Marine Highway System - and is a relative unknown in the field. Will he improve upon the disastrous efforts of former commissioner Robin Taylor? Stay tuned.

Western US:Climate Change: 5 states have signed an agreement to cut greenhouse gases. Noticeably absent is Alaska, ground zero for observing the phenomenon.

Ketchikan:Gravina: The Juneau Empire recently printed a Letter to the Editor and a My Turn piece on Gravina Island and the illegal road project. Get more info on our Gravina page.

In Memory of Richard Kauffman, founder of Sitnews: TCS sends its condolences to the great family of a great man. You will be missed, Dick.

Ketchikan:Gravina: In this Anchorage Daily News editorial, the writer urges Governor Sarah Palin to continue cancelling bad transportation projects - specifically the funding for the Gravina Access Highway.

Ketchikan:Beaches: We may soon lose our beloved Coast Guard Beach forever! There is still time to do something: We need your help. Add your name to this important petition.

Tongass:Round Log Exports: In this editorial, Larry Jackson - a small mill owner from Ketchikan - encourages a statewide ban on the practice of exporting raw logs and encourages development of a value-added industry in Alaska.

TCS:Employment: The Tongass Conservation Society is hiring to fill the position of Assistant Director. For a full job description, please contact us.

TCS:Newsletter: Our TCS Winter 07 Newsletter is now available online. Join TCS to get advanced copies of our newsletter along with other exclusive content. Your support helps us continue the work to protect and conserve the Tongass!

Ketchikan:Gravina: Letters to the editor and Governor Palin are appearing fast and furious. Check out our Gravina page to read some of them and for more information. Please write your own! Sample letters are provided. And check out our latest statements about Gravina on our Newsletter page.

Global:Recycling: In this article dated 02.18.07 in the San Francisco Chronicle, the problems associated with plastic bottles are highlighted. TCS is working to construct a regional plan for plastics recycling. Stay tuned for the fun.

Ketchikan:Gravina: Visit our Gravina page to learn how you can help us fight the current destruction on Gravina Island. We need letter writers and activists. Read this article on Gravina by TCS board member and Ketchikan resident Soren Wuerth. Talk to us about it at the Cyber Cafe. Want more reading? Here is another Gravina piece.

Be Good to Gravina! Gravina Island is being hammered with clearcuts right now according to our team who went to check on the status of a new road being built there. Already four cuts have begun.

1. If you are willing to write a letter for print, or to our Governor, please respond to this bulletin.

2. If you are an activist and are willing to participate in direct action, please let us know.

3. If you are an Alaskan who wants to help us deal with the Department of Natural Resources, please let us know.

Ketchikan:Beaches: The Ketchikan Beaches Association raises concerns about local beaches at risk to further privatization and development in this article highlighting its work at Coast Guard Beach and South Point Higgins Beach.

Tongass:TLMP: In this submittal for publishing on our site, Soren Wuerth highlights an absurdity in the new Tongass Land Management Plan - apparently clearcutting helps stop global warming! Be sure to visit our TLMP page for more news and notes as the revision process continues..

US Senate:Ethics Reform: The Senate passed a solid ethics reform bill today with a vote of 96-2. There is more work to be done to shape the house version, but this is a great start to real reform.

US Senate:Coal Mining: Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) is pandering to the coal industry. Again. The National Mining Association yesterday put out a glowing review of legislation sponsored by Obama and Senator Jim Bunning (R-Kentucky) that would promote coal-to-liquid fuels production. Frank O’Donnell of Clean Air Watch is critical of the industry because of the likelihood of greenhouse gas increases. “One of DC's little secrets is that environmentalists breathed a big sigh of relief when Obama recently left the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which could be voting on global warming legislation later this year,” O’Donnell said. “No wonder, in light of this coal-pandering ploy.”

Global:Climate Change: Stephen Leahy discusses consumerism and environmental degradation in this compelling piece. How should we collectively change our purchasing in the new year? How will you? Share your thoughts with us at the Cyber Cafe.

Tongass:TLMP: The Forest Service has released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP). Check out our news page for our release about the document. TCS is reviewing it thoroughly and we will be updating our TLMP page soon with more information. To see the document for yourself, check out this site.

National:EPA: In this piece titled Science Meets Ignorance, columnist Christopher Brauchli tells of the ongoing changes in EPA under the current administration, highlighting the closure of libraries all over the country. This ain't good, folks.

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