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Current Tongass and Southeast Alaska Issues

The great ecological system that makes up the Tongass region is threatened from a variety of angles every day, and TCS works diligently to deal with each and every concern. Intriguingly, the region is also ripe for economic reform shaped around the ideals of sustainability and viability of ecological and economic resources. TCS looks forward to developing sound and diverse plans for maintaining the human side of things while protecting and enhancing the ecological structure and beauty of the Tongass.

Please contact us to learn more and to share your comments and concerns. You can also speak on the issues at the Cyber Cafe.

Be Good to Gravina Island - The assault is on. From roadbuilding activities to the Bridge to Nowhere, the subsistence, cultural, historical, and habitat values of Gravina Island, across the Tongass Narrows from Ketchikan, are poised for destruction. TCS is working to keep Gravina healthy and intact.

Tongass Land Management Plan - Read updates about TLMP, the Tongass Roundtable sessions, Tongass Conservation Strategy Session notes, and other valuable information. TCS continues to work hard while the revision of the Tongass Land Management Plan moves along.

Ward Cove - The Ward Cove properties, site of the defunct Ketchikan Pulp Mill, are in the hands of Renaissance Ketchikan Group, a corporation intent on reviving the bankrupt veneer operation. There efforts are geared towards securing another government handout in the form of a USDA loan in order to pay for the properties. Will they succeed?

Tongass Timber Information Center - Track the planning and execution of every timber sale on the Tongass here. Thank you to Sitka Conservation Society for creation of this valuable resource on all things Tongass.

Round Log Exports - TCS is working on a legislative resolution to discourage the practice of round log exports from all lands, public and private, in the state of Alaska. The practice of round log exports hurts local economy and keeps our efforts to create a value added industry in the Dark Ages. Read what a local small mill operator has to say about round log exports here.

Global Warming - TCS is working on a position paper with a biologist and former intern. We expect to work closely with the state of Alaska's climate change commission and other various stakeholders to address this ever-present and growing problem for Alaska, and indeed, the entire planet.

This is a message from a good friend of the Tongass about moral courage.

Recycling 101 - TCS, with the City of Ketchikan and Ketchikan Indian Community, held the first ever electronics recycling event in Ketchikan, bringing in over 30,000 pounds of material. We are coordinating other efforts for electronics recycling and will have a comprehensive strategy in place for plastics recycling for Ketchikan soon. Efforts are also stepping up in our local schools, led by our intern and an elementary school committee. Stay tuned for a new recycling page to be debuted in the coming weeks.

State Lands - Coming Soon!

Mixing Zones - The state of Alaska has new regulations that will allow polluters to dump in anadromous (think salmon) fish spawning areas. Legislation to protect spawning areas recently faltered at the committee level. We continue to work with SEACC, the Alaska Conservation Alliance, and various legislators on the issue, and rest assured that during the upcoming Alaska legislative session an army of supporters will pursue a solution to this issue vigorously. Paul Seaton, a Republican legislator from Homer, will likely introduce strong protections during the session. TCS will vigorously support his bill.

Pesticide Spraying - An aerial chemical assault has been proposed for Long Island off the coast of Prince of Wales. If allowed, it will be the first aerial application of pesticides in the state of Alaska, will indiscriminately contaminate flora and fauna, and will put subsistence users of the island at risk. The Tongass Conservation Society is one of 46 requestors of a stay and hearing associated with the state's decision to permit spraying.



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